Hannah Beerman

Hannah Beerman - Tulipping and naked golf (cropped)

Hannah Beerman’s delightfully quirky and explosive assemblage paintings combine found and collected items with thick globs and soft strokes of oil and acrylic paint, pencil, glue, and more. For Beerman, no material is off limits, everything becomes painting, therefore painting becomes everything. Beerman’s paintings, like Carol Rama’s Bricolage works of the 1960s, or like the kinetic works of the late Carolee Schneemann (who was a friend of Beerman’s), at once combine heartbreak and humor. Each painting is intimately connected to Beerman herself and to each other work; elements are attached and reattached, moved from one painting to another, but always leaving something behind. Beerman compares her work to fly paper, as she says “they pick up on things that are going on around them.”