Velvet Other World


Velvet Other World is a collaboration between Josh Allen (b. 1995, Andover, MA) and Katrina Pisetti (b. 1996, Austin, TX). Velvet Other World studies the figure, costume, and opulence in their enchanting black-and-white charcoal universe. Seeking to transfigure their ghostly silhouettes through material ornament, Velvet Other World reconsiders the human relationship with the body and dissects the constructive and protective nature of dress. At once a fascination and critique, Velvet Other World depicts grandeur, royalty, drama, and luxury within their fairytale-like narratives. Allen received his BFA in Illustration and Printmaking, Pisetti in Printmaking, both from the Rhode Island School of Design, where the two met. Allen and Pisetti began their collaboration under the moniker Velvet Other World in 2021.