Living and Real

past  Exhibition
June 2 - August 30, 2019
Living and Real  (installation view).

June 2 - August 30, 2019

Eve AckroydAna BenaroyaLaKela BrownGretta JohnsonAnnelie McKenzieChelsey PettyjohnGrace Weaver

Kapp Kapp is proud to present, for its inaugural show, Living and Real, which connects the figurative and the abstract with a roster of artists. Annelie McKenzie reverses the classical heritage of gender in art history with mash-ups in style. Grace Weaver cartoons the everyday with figures drawn in space. LaKela Brown fossilizes personal effects, earrings and necklaces, to bring the present in touch with the past. Chelsey Pettyjohn stretches the familiar into figurines that are carnivalesque. Eve Ackroyd cuts and pastes to turn a flat canvas into a frieze. Gretta Johnson goes rogue with ideas of color and shape. Ana Benaroya queers the bust in the robust and epic.

One way to inaugurate the space of a gallery is to invite in the eccentric. Bodies and shapes that are drawn and pasted and pulled: bodies that do not settle—but ripple instead with thighs and toes, bright impastos. Bodies that hold piercings, produce tears, and mammalian milk. Forms that double, double, toil and trouble to engorge our sense of the Living and the Real.