In the Margins

Curated by Anne-Laure Lemaitre

past  Exhibition
September 10 - October 24, 2021
In the Margins (installation view).

September 10 - October 24, 2021

Luis CorzoAnthony GianniniAsif HoqueAzikiwe MohammedLuján PérezPat PerryBony RamirezIvana Štulić Velvet Other WorldSydney VernonLily WongAnthony Peyton Young

In our current overexposed world, we all have somewhat become public personas. We are perceived and defined as the curated and edited version of ourselves we ‘put out there,’ but are also seen as the mirror of this perception in how it reflects on others and our surroundings.  

The pressure to become ‘a product’, to remain ‘on brand’ and to be consistent with a simplified, easily graspable narrative and messaging of who we are and what we are about forces human complexity to the side. Our inexpressible core, which evolves with time and experience, and our external, perceived and visible self collide in sometimes frictional ways.  

In a time where clarity often requires over-simplification, what are we when removed from our deliberately outlined core identifiers? What defines the various pieces of ourselves in front of and away from a permanent outside gaze? How can our plurality be brought further into existence and accepted by ourselves and others? 

In the Margins examines who artists are beyond their projected being or core definition. Whether exploring new subjects, compositions, creative means or bringing to life intimate stories, In The Margins’ only premise is to offer a space for experimentation, vulnerability, redefinition of practice and self.

Throughout the show, one will encounter familiar and new voices in slightly displaced contexts. These genuine perspectives remain at times very close to the artist’s usual practice but at times also bring utterly fringe or confidential interests and topics to light. All works aim to expand in some capacity the viewer’s insight in each artist’s understanding of the world, of their craft and of themselves. Each piece comes accompanied with a sound snippet in which their maker speaks of the presented work and its importance or meaning.  

An exercise in eclecticism and pluralism, In the Margins is not a survey nor a linearly curated show but moreso a humble gathering of fringes, one-offs, premises and try-outs fueled by an appetite to go beyond pre-established scripts.  

In the Margins includes works by Luis Corzo, Anthony Giannini, Asif Hoque, Lujan Perez, Pat Perry, Azikiwe Mohammed, Bony Ramirez, Ivana Štulić, Sydney Vernon, Velvet Other World, Lily Wong, & Anthony Peyton Young. The exhibition will be on view at Kapp Kapp, New York through January 8, 2022.0.